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To apply for the Director of Events position, please send your resume and a brief letter explaining your interest and experience to [email protected]

I appreciate the activity you have organized and enjoy it very much. It there was any chance, I will recommend to my friends to 214dating's activity if they are looking for quality participants and pressure-free gathering. I've joined some dating clubs apart from yours, however, I found that your club is much more interesting than others, people are well-educated and friendly! I will look into some functions which my girlfriends and I are interested from 214 and we might join them soon. Althought this is my first time trying your event, I am looking forward to participating in your other suitable events soon. BTW, wish you and your family a Merry X'mas and Happy New Year. Thank you very much for your arrangement today and the matching results you've made. Now some of my girlfriends are getting interested in this kind of function.大家也是第一次參加SPEED DATING的活動,從沒想過真的可以找到一個合適的人。在那次活動裏,雖然我們只是談了5分鐘,但其實我們卻暗暗地留意著對方,活動完結後,大家也擔心 對方有沒有選擇自己,最後的答案大家都知道了! 雙方結識之活動:2007年3月份大專程度男女晚宴 9/2007 【明報專訊】2007年2月 孤男寡女極速連線 You have made my life complete 【明報專訊】時間分秒流逝,對面人臉換過了許多,一個、兩個、三個......總是話不投機半句多,我打定輸數,望覑手表,準備離座,5、4、3、2......最後的1分鐘,我遇見你...... 其實活動中有不同性格不同行業的人,就算找不到一個老公,多認識一個朋友也不錯。 雙方結識之活動:2007年5月份大專程度男女晚宴 7/2008 Brenda 緣份就是這樣奇妙,一次的互相認識的機會就這樣成為我倆的姻緣線,我倆行業上工作時間的不定時,雙方都很難認識到不同的異性,就是那一天,我遇上我生命中的愛,沒想到大 家都在那天晚上互相都有注意對方, SPEEDATING完結之後,以為都沒有機會再見到對方, 估不到214DATING就情牽一線,將我們的聯絡方法互相傳發,我估這就是緣份,我鼓起勇氣 致電約會現時的女朋友(KAMMY),沒想到有那麼好的女仔沒有人追求(我估她說笑 HAHA), 在大家加深了解之後,我們就好自然走在一起.我和KAMMY已經4個月了.本會於2005年成立, 是香港具口碑,歷史悠久及最大型交友會之一,每星期舉行不同類型之交友活動,每次活動均提早滿額,是您信心保證!