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During the first day of my staying at the hotel, there was some sort of business meeting and the hotel was packed full with … stereotype business men and women in their shirts, suits, ties and costumes.On the first morning (I sat alone at a small table facing the room) I watched two businessmen at the table next to me having breakfast.

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That said, I had a great morning of stereotyping with even a good lesson learned on why stereotypes are crap and what they tell you about birding.Everyone seems to be speculating about when the first gay athlete in the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB will come out while he is still playing.It feels like every two weeks another organization pops up with the purpose of making sports a welcoming place for LGBT athletes: Changing the Game, Athlete Ally, You Can Play, The Last Closet, GO!There is broad debate about just why the wealth gap appears to be growing.For starters, the prohibitive costs of political campaigning may discourage the less affluent from even considering a candidacy.