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I don’t know if his rap persona is a charade (most likely) and behind closed doors he’s a real sweetheart.

I assume that given his current profession he’s probably charming as hell and that’s likely how he pulled Sanaa in the first place. Shoot, women even like charm bracelets and the show was a hit.

Do you remeber the song “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind? I’m just saying: if you charm a chick, you can take her home. Shit, we all blamed Bobby for Whitney’s downfall when it was Whitney who really took Bobby down that staircase towards destruction.

Or at least on a first date that’s hopefully not a 0 date. As soon as the news hit, social media started with the jokes about how if French could pull her, it lets you know that anybody could have. We think these women are great catches so the men they date should also live up to that standard that we believe them to be. I remember when I found out that Lil Wayne and Lauren London were expecting.

Veel mensen zijn op zoek naar spanning, ze willen een keer wat nieuws beleven. Geniet daarom ook snel van de partnerruil seks mogelijkheden en dan gaat er een hele nieuwe wereld voor je open.

Thousands of protesters in more than a dozen Mexican cities took to the streets on Sunday to express their opposition to Trump and criticize Pena Nieto as a weak leader who has presided over rampant corruption and violence at home.

After winning the legal battle last week to allow her to compete in a local city council race, 19-years-old Mary-Pat Hector became the youngest eligible woman to run for public office in the state of Georgia.

Hector, a Spelman College student and youth coordinator with the National Action Network, and her bid were challenged by opponent George Turner, who claimed Hector was too young. There is a LOT that goes into politics (poli-sci degree here) that a teenager is not prepared for to handle for an entire community. There is no way I would personally vote for a 19 year old to become an office member. Which means at spelman she hasnt even started her major which ill assume is poli sci.

“Young people are starting to really understand and see that they can truly be a part of the political system and they can truly run for office,” this is beautiful. There is no way I would personally vote for a 19 year old to become an office member. The responsibility, funding, laws, issues to be handled/discussed etc.