Wordpress form manager not validating

Not only will you be able to customize all of the default fields for submitting job posts, but you will also be able to create your own custom fields as well.

Want to change the wording for the label of a default field?

Contact Form Manager is a simple wordpress plugin that lets you create and manage multiple contact forms for your website.

It supports a wide range of contact form elements such as text field, email field, textarea, dropdown list, radio button, checkbox, date picker, captcha, file uploader with in-built validations.

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You can also now completely customize the way custom fields are output, use the Automatic Output feature or integrated Widget with numerous output types (o Embed, Video, Link, etc).If you added GTM directly to your Word Press template and tried to track form submissions with the default settings, you may have noticed that there’s no Submit event in debug mode. For Fire On rule I’m using the CSS class of Contact Form 7 forms: wpcf7-form 5. Auto populate, additional field types, limit files uploaded, re CAPTCHA, max selections, show/hide based on package, field validation, video tutorials, and more!WP Job Manager Field Editor is the only plugin that will allow you to completely customize all form fields for WP Job Manager.

Wordpress form manager not validating