Who is sara cox dating

Lorner, a community health volunteer funded by a Comic Relief-supported project, visits Godfrey every week to support him.

£10 could pay for a day’s specialist training for a community health volunteer so they can give life-saving support and advice to mothers and children in a Kenyan slum.

As of April 2011, her Twitter account is no longer active and her official web-site hasn't had any new updates.

As of late 2011, she is no longer listed at her agency, LA Direct Models.

I think it's quite natural that you grow out of it.

Now I'd look pretty sad if I was trying to hang out with Prince Harry in Mahiki." Scroll down for more ... Sara is now 33, and eight months' pregnant with her second child.

Donate now to help support projects that train community health volunteers like Lorner.

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I don't think we were anything that rare - we were in our early 20s and going out.

Did we really need to know that she brushed her teeth while sitting on the loo, or that she urinated in the shower? "That time was all about the Met Bar and the various people you'd be out with - the Appletons and Oasis.

And all this before mothers on the school run had reached fourth gear. It was all a hedonistic hotbed, what with Ibiza and the club scene, too - just everyone going out partying.

In 2010, she officially establish her own personally named website.

In early 2011, it was mentioned on many online forums that Sara had again retired.