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" She continues, "Our main priority was that our relationship always comes first and if something does ever get in the way, we’ll have to have another conversation because that’s something that neither of us are going to allow to happen." Given the franchise's track record (only three of s 20 couples remain together, including Higgins and Bushnell), it's no surprise that Bushnell expressed concern.

But now, with cameras due to start rolling this month, Bushnell says they reached a compromise.

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But Bushnell admits that she initially had doubts about returning to reality TV. Our biggest concern was: Is this new show going to try to alter our life or be incredibly intrusive and get in the way of our relationship?I had my first man-on-man meat munch with your father, although, he did most of the munching, if you know what I mean."Foreign Exchange" (2008) is a high school comedy in the manner of 1999's "American Pie," but with a lower budget."That still has to happen and until it does, it’s not a for-sure thing." Before jumping back into the limelight, Bushnell says the newly engaged couple did take time off from the reality series that made them famous.They have not been tuning in to Higgins' ex, Jo Jo Fletcher, and her season of ," she says.