Whm disk usage not updating

Changed ownership of all the accounts to the reseller, and it began to work properly. it's almost 50% full is there a way to let WHM recalculates the disk usage for /usr. so I will wait until then and let you know if it get fixed.That’s where this guide comes in; here we will give you the basics of what you should be aware of and check on every now and again to make sure your server stays online.Most people are familiar with the adage “Measure twice, cut once” advising that one should always plan carefully before taking action.Your c Panel may still show 20 MB being used, but this will be updated within 4 hours.

but in WHM, still saying 9.4GB used from 9.9GB Thanks alotthanks Rekhatitus, it looks like this is what I need.Preventing bandwidth theft using the mod rewrite engine and .htaccess Strong passwords: How to create and use them.Two-factor authentication is ideal for anyone looking to increase their account security. How to increase your productivity with G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) How do I increase my file size limit in my PHP application?Your c Panel may still show 0 MB, but this will be updated within 24 hours.If you purge many emails from the trash and can see the folder is empty, then the emails are gone and are no longer using disk space.