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A small group of people called "objectophiles" or "objectum sexuals" believe they have reciprocal loving, sexual relationships with inanimate objects.

Many even feel they can communicate with the things they love, and that the objects have feelings of their own.

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Erika Jordan is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, author, and media personality, and a leader in the field of Digital Romance and Online Dating.

In 1979, Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer of Sweden coined the term "objectum sexual" when she wed her longtime love—the Berlin Wall.

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There's an element of nervousness to showing Dev how she feels about him - she's not 25 or even 35 anymore and I think any woman would think there's still that slight doubt this could go badly wrong, and right in the middle of The Rovers as well! He's got a kind heart and they have fun, but she's been backing off from a relationship."They've got progressively closer but she has resisted his charms.

Now everyone around her is telling her it would be a good thing for them to get together."Things are slightly more awkward the next day when Dev is cool with Erica, leaving her to wonder where they stand after their night of passion.