Vespa dating

Once scooter-equipped, a world of inexpensive and far-flung possibilities opens up to the prurient teen.

One of many anticipated experiences is that of "Key Mating." This takes place among a mixed group of teens whose male members place into a box their scooter keys which are then chosen at random by the female members.

We provide DVLA accepted authentication letters to enable you to obtain an age-related plate for your Lambretta or Vespa scooter.

The letters cover Lambrettas built in the main manufacturing countries for Lambretta of Italy, Spain and India (and we can also supply letters for Lambrettas made in France, Germany etc).

“” I gestured, happy I got a chance to use one of my favorite and perfected Italian phrases. The boy seemed to get the hint somewhat and disappeared.

Suddenly, I heard someone speaking in Italian behind me. There was this pretty blond boy with light blue eyes and sculpted lips, a helmet in his hands, following me.

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Alternatively, you can pay via Paypal by making your payment to: [email protected] we'd like a frame rubbing or digital photo of the scooters frame number, however, this is not essential.

All letters come with a sheet detailing what you need to do next in order to register your scooter (Insurance, MOT etc.), thus ensuring that you are in possession of all the information you'll need to get on the road.