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INDIA ARIE - 'JUST DO YOU' [NEW VIDEO] “when I reached to speak to @ladygaga her security swatted my wrist - clapping something hard against my turquoise bracelet #Grammy2015 smh,” India tweeted to her followers.

The 14-year music veteran was treated like a groupie while trying to get the attention of pop star Lady Gaga."Thanks to my grandfather, uncle and dad, I was able to receive truths about becoming a responsible man…things that I could pass along to my [children]…those insights became a song,” shared Sanders."It’s important for men to honor their commitments and to be responsible.However, India tried her best to extinguish the firestorm. Of my #Grammy2015 high and low lights - cause thats what I do,” she tweeted hours later.“Lets squash this now - everyone responding to my @ladygaga tweet - i know her i wanted to speak like did everyone else i saw i know,” the 39-year-old songstress tweeted. And my point is not @ladygaga my point is -- this is the energy of the hollywood bubble.” The “I Am Not My Hair” singer also wanted to make it clear that she was not trying to make a big deal out of the Gaga incident, but that others are continuing to harbor on it. “I sent ONE tweet about @ladygaga security touching me and thats what everyones focusing on.” Despite all the hoopla, Lady Gaga nor her camp have responded to the matter.