Updating smoothwall kernel

2014 11 16 Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta6 for IPCop 2.1.7 This release completes the promised spamassassin 3rd Party rule updates Great thanks goes to Shelby GT500 for sorting out last issues before releasing.

2014 11 09 Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta5 for IPCop 2.1.7 This is a security and bug fix release and it is recommended to update your system as soon as possible.

Things are much easier with ESX 5.x as it has a built in firewall.

You may still want to use smoothwall to provide the DHCP, NAT and port forwarding.

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However, anyone who is looking at a tool like Smooth Wall Express shouldn't be afraid of a little curses-based installation.We bumped dhcpcd, miniupnpd, Clam AV, Open SSL, Snort, Squid and a few other package versions. We added a couple drivers to the kernel-drivers package, and bumped driver versions to the latest.We added more mod hooks to system scripts; they further reduce the number of changes mods must make to system files when installed and make it even easier for community members to develop mods....All you have to do for the install is tap the Tab key and the Enter key now and then and maybe enter a hostname or IP address.The install isn't challenging — it just looks a bit old school.