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If a machine has a similar enough hardware profile to existing apple hardware, then it is generally possible. This process (creating a hackintosh) is best sited for people who don’t mind getting their hands ‘dirty’ in the ‘guts’ of a computer. Update to 10.5.7 You should now be OSX again after reboot. If you don’t know how, its should be the symbol farthest left at the top right of the screen.

I was not aware that it would keep asking me for an Upgrade, but once I checked, the system blocked me for any future update.

hackintosh explained A hackintosh is a computer that started its life as a pc and had had osx massaged onto it. Now let’s get wifi and all the fun stuff working. Wait for permissions to be repaired which will take a few minutes. Click on “Install kexts” towards the bottom right 3. Select the THIRD(excluding Apple GMA950and Apple Integrated Framebuffer.kext)one. Shift Click the last one to select all (excluding the two mentioned). After the installer completes it will ask you reboot.

This has been made possible by apple’s move to intel based machines. Just click on OK and Cancel on any dialog boxes that appear.

Last time when I wrote the How to Install Snow Leopard on VMWare guide, I had users who were seeking Virtualbox version, and I had it promised.

After 2 months of experiments, fighting in the dark, and with help from black Trinitron, the work is done and I think its time to reveal it. And when a Open source product is better than a paid application, we adore it. Virtualbox 3.1 is an amazing platform for Virtualization, It’s not only free, but also much faster than VMware in Disk I/O, Network I/O, RAM optimization, CPU Usage, Hypervisor level operations. : This is a Retail installation guide, hence little more tricky.