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“We have one branch of state government saying this can’t happen, and we’re about to say this should happen,” Weiser stated in a report from The Detroit News.

A store clerk once accused Seitz of lying about her identity when she tried to write a check because her driver’s license designates her sex as male. Seitz said she felt intimidated by Transportation Security Administration agents who looked at her suspiciously after she presented them with her ID.In March 2006 DVB decided to study options for an upgraded DVB-T standard.In June 2006, a formal study group named TM-T2 (Technical Module on Next Generation DVB-T) was established by the DVB Group to develop an advanced modulation scheme that could be adopted by a second generation digital terrestrial television standard, to be named DVB-T2.The higher offered bit rate, with respect to its predecessor DVB-T, makes it a system suited for carrying HDTV signals on the terrestrial TV channel (though many broadcasters still use plain DVB-T for this purpose).As of 2014, it was implemented in broadcasts in the United Kingdom (Freeview HD, eight channels across two multiplexes, plus an extra multiplex in Northern Ireland carrying three SD channels), Italy (Europa 7 HD, twelve channels), Finland (21 channels, five in HD), Germany (six HD (1080p50) channels, with 40 in planning), Ukraine (32 SD and HD channels in four nationwide multiplexes), Croatia (two pay-TV multiplexes), Denmark (two FTA multiplexes with 5 SD and 5 HD channels, and four pay-TV multiplexes with 14 channels), Romania (8 SD channels, 1 HD channel) and some other countries.