Think agnostic dating

The bible teaches us that, as Christians, we have freedom in Christ (Galatians 5:1).

This freedom, that Jesus so dearly bought for us, is freedom from slavery to sin and death.

On the whole, the "bosh" of heterodoxy is more offensive to me than that of orthodoxy, because heterodoxy professes to be guided by reason and science, and orthodoxy does not.

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However, I’ve still definitely experienced some barriers in the dating world because of my lack of faith.

An unsaved person may (or may not) through the influenced of a believing mate, receive the Lord.

Yet, there is a difference between two non believers marrying (one then converting to Christianity) and a Christian deliberately marrying a heathen.

Hi Emma, I’m wondering if your question is being asked in the face of possibilities, or whether you are in a relationship that has prompted this question.

I am hoping the former, because otherwise, I’m sorry, this answer may lead to much emotional unrest.