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” First, the idea that celebrities can do whatever they want just because they’re famous or even known for pushing boundaries doesn’t make it right or above criticism. What if a man had done the exact same thing as Madonna? Mick Jagger on stage with Taylor Swift, and all of a sudden he lays a big sloppy kiss on her, and she squirms away, mumbling, WTF?! Would they be running to his defense, or would they be calling for his head?

I’m thinking the backlash would be worse than what Madonna is getting. The kind of sexy we see from teenagers and insecure girls in their twenties—cupcakes who are looking to exercise power over men with one of the most common tools in the shed. The truth of the matter is, juvenile sexy just doesn’t work when you’re old—not because you’re not sexy anymore, but because you have a mature sexiness.

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