Speed dating lesson plan

Them, students have 10 minutes to solve their problem and become an expert on how to explain the solution process to someone else. After ten minutes they will need to be the expert on the problem.The answers are copied on the back of the card so that students can check their work.Then I will give them a list of questions for each student to answer on their own. I will give them 15 seconds one time, 30 the next, and sometimes 1 minute (which gets uncomfortable, but it great to get them asking their OWN questions.) At the end, I have them pick the most interesting date they had and have they write down what they learned about that person (in the language) and the guy and girl with the most votes will win a cupcake/candy from me! Valentine’s Day is a great time to try SPEED DATING!These questions will include what we have learned this year in level 1 like the following: What’s your name? * They may not speak in the target language 100% of the time, but 5-6 minutes of actually speaking the language is a lot more than 10 seconds if we were asking the questions!!While it is a loud activity with a ton of movement, I consider those all bonus moments for a dynamic learning environment.I am near the end of my trimester and trying to review some of what we have learned to prepare students for their upcoming final assessments. Students are given a "dating card" each which gives an element and some information about them.

They loved the panel but wanted to have time to ask more questions and hear more from each person than time allowed.

When I explain speed learning to the students, it is inevitable that one of them will say…

is this like the learning version of speed dating, and the answer is, Yes!

They get a ton of practice and feel more comfortable in pairs than speaking in front of big groups. This gets them thinking about how to answer questions according to their character and pushes them to learn new words.

I set my room up in a big circle with desks facing each other like this… Plus other fun questions like these: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I have used a bell or percussion instrument to signal for them to move, but this year I’m looking for a smooching sound app to spice things up!

Speed dating lesson plan