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-Safflower oil Believed to be a healthier cooking oil, most safflower is unfortunately heated to high temperatures long before it is ever used for cooking, causing it to be chemically-altered from the heat, and a source of inflammation in the body when that is the case.-”Natural flavor”Mc Donalds natural flavor is apparently obtained from a vegetable source, but the “natural” moniker means nothing since it can even potentially contain the nerve- and brain-toxin monosodium glutamate (MSG). -Sodium acid pyrophosphate This ingredient is apparently used to maintain the color of the fries.Out of curiosity, I had to know exactly what is in those fries.It turns out that there are 17 ingredients in Mickey Ds French fries! Im glad that was the first ingredient) -Canola oil Most canola oil is now genetically-modified.

I have enjoyed this drama how it was made and the actors. not only she took an innocent orphan and mislead him to believe he was the real son to take revenge on her husband, then she choose to help the abductor of her child because he his dying why not but encouraging the abductor and living and celebrating the passing with his own son......shoudn't she had spent some time to seek for herself and her real son the help of a pys? Then, I saw a familiar actress and realized that she was Jo Yoon-Hee from the drama "My Husband Got A Family" and now I am in 100%. Park Sang Min is scary, very sexy, cute and cuddly all at the same time, he's mine ladies//cho chi ho is the bomb funny...great casting great.

It would be fair to assume that there are three ingredients in Mc Donalds French fries: potatoes, oil, and salt. Starting last year Mc Donalds began a transparency campaign most likely to create a more health- and consumer-conscious image of the corporation.

As a result the company has made their ingredient lists and processing techniques available on their website.

There are truly valid points to her statement but I want as many people as possible to view this drama.

I did a marathon over 3 days and found the acting, writing, directing and character development extraordinary.