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RASSO’s mandate is to concentrate on improving investigations and prosecutions as well as improving the service to victims and focusing on prevention work through their awareness campaigns.

The RASSO team is staffed by detectives, all of whom are highly skilled and fully experienced in dealing with rape and serious sexual offences.

DI David Shore-Nye DI Shore-Nye has been a detective for over twelve years investigating and overseeing rape and serious sexual offences.

The College of Policing are in the process of releasing a dedicated sexual offences investigator course and first responders to rape and serious sexual offences have specific training to assist them with that role around evidence collection and victim support.With the flexibility of multiple landing pages, each Web Chat landing page can have its own set of agents groups.Customize which “Departments” are enabled for what landing page.Mission Fed will not initiate an instant message dialogue, nor disclose any Web Chat identity to a third party.Many questions that you would call or email to our Contact Center can be answered via Web Chat.