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Anti-social media"Government officials are influential public figures, thus they should be very careful about their remarks on social media as well as the information they reveal to the public," a diplomat surnamed Tang told the Global Times.Cai Fushun, a governmental official in Southwest China's Guizhou Province was removed from his position after his explicit We Chat conversations with many women were leaked, including his request that a 17-year-old girl find him virgins aged between 15 to 18, Nandu Daily reported in 2014.As We Chat is a semi-public space where sharing posts is common, Party members can be punished for making "irresponsible" statements on the platform, according to an article published in the CCDI-affiliated newspaper in December.Uniqlo later officially denied this, although the publicity that the video brought the brand was certainly very welcome.Other brands, in particular H&M and Zara made efforts to jump on the bandwagon with witty posts.