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Meanwhile, his son is a bit of a loner and some kids at school are using a fake Facebook account to cyber-bully him.

Frank Grillo is a widower and single father whose son hates him, Andrea Riseborough is a TV news reporter looking to make a name for herself, Max Thieriot is a teenager working for a sex cam service and Paula Patton plays a woman who, along with her husband (Alexander Skarsgård), is about to have her identity stolen.

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The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) questioned the North Jakarta Police's move during the mass arrests in Atlantis Gym and Sauna, which was allegedly used to hold a homosexual sex party."Komnas HAM regrets the arrest of 144 people by North Jakarta Police at the Atlantis Gym and Sauna for allegedly conducting prostitutes.

The action was done by raiding [the place] and followed by other inhuman acts," said Deputy Chairman of Komnas HAM Muhammad Nurkhoiron in his written statement on Tuesday.

I don’t want to get too entrenched in telling you all the details of the film since there are simply too many characters and what’s really the point?

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In the episode, we encounter a gay couple (who are friends with‘Papa’), which leads to the young Pappu being curious about what the word ‘homosexual’ means.

It disrespected human rights and ruled out the presumption of innocence that should be respected in the process of law enforcement," said Nurkhoiron.

Nurkhoiron claimed the needless publication would potentially portrait the men as criminals and a source of immorality, and thus would only multiply discriminatory act.

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