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Major Theodore Dobias, Trump's baseball coach at the NYMA, told Daily Mail Online: 'He was quite the athlete.'Trump's own service in Vietnam has come under the spotlight after he criticized Senator John Mc Cain for being captured while fighting even though he won a Purple Heart, a Silver Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross According to the 1964 Yearbook, which lists his home as Jamaica in Queens, New York, Trump rose from the rank of private in his first year to captain in his final year, when he was also a senior member of the staff of the sports team.

Tiny houses don’t have a formal, agreed-upon definition, but you certainly won’t find one above 1,000 square feet.

The smallest Spur has seen so far is 86 square feet.

The injuries he sustained while a prisoner of war have left the senator unable to raise his arms above his head Response: Arizona Senator John Mc Cain responded Monday morning to comments made by GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who said this weekend that he is 'not a war hero' because he was captured in Vietnam He has said: 'I think the point here is that there are so many men and women who served and sacrificed - and happened to be held prisoner - and to denigrate in any way that service, I think, is offensive to veterans.

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