Rules for dating a southern girl girl2girl dating

Her tailgate prep is more complex than Eisenhower's maneuvering at Normandy.

She's going to monogram the ever-living crap out of everything you own. She's in nine weddings this year, serving punch at four, and invited to 11 more. And speaking of weddings, you had better remember where you buried the bourbon.

Dating just for fun is great for high school kids, but not so great for those 20 and 30 somethings who are ready to get married, so just keep your intentions clear and you can avoid all the awkwardness and ambiguity of “hanging out." 3. Guys should always go to the door to pick up their date, preferably with flowers in hand. They try on five different outfits and spend hours planning what they will wear, but guys, please take a shower. If a guy can't afford to pay for the date, then he shouldn't have asked the girl in the first place. Don't act bored or disinterested (even if you are).A late night at the office calls for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.When she finishes a big project, she wants Homemade Vanilla with Mawmaw’s blackberry cobbler (which also better be in the freezer).Photo: Lauren Nelson She has shelves of cookbooks and Southern Living magazines, and she is always trying new recipes.She believes the couple that cooks together stays together, so no more piddlin’ around in the evenings — you’ll be doing the chopping and cleaning come supper time.