Richard armitage dating lee pace

I’ve got some contacts who were close to the Hobbit movies, apparently not only are half the main cast as gay as the day is long—two of them were/are in a very serious relationship. Not naming names (not my place to do that, it’s cruel), but it makes me so sad that these men have it all - money, good looks, talent, careers on the up, but they don’t want to be out because they’re (and by they I mean their agents) are afraid of what it would do to their careers.

If you were on set, apparently it was obvious (both the number of men who were gay and the two who were in a relationship) what was going on and these people were happy to be themselves.

Now that they owned a little piece of suburban New York and had started laying the foundations for family life, Richard and Lee were looking forward to creating some Christmas memories to go with their new home. Lee, on the other hand, wanted to take 'ringing in the holiday season' slightly more literally.

Sequel to 'An Unexpectedly Merry Christmas' by eucatastrophe__x.

Lee (Pace) is a Disc Jockey running away from a bad relationship and a lot of self loathing with his best friends Evie (Evangeline Lilly) and Aidan (Turner).

They're trying to settle down with a new gig when one of the town's most influential citizen's Graham (Mc Tavish) asks them to help organize the local Holiday Charity Concert.

…you walk into a restaurant and it’s not full of people silently sitting in front of each other like it can be in England; it’s full of people pointing fingers in each other’s faces having a really good political debate, or whatever.” In addition, “London and New York are sort of unique in that they are not really representative of the rest of the country that they exist in.

London doesn’t really represent England–it’s so multicultural and cosmopolitan that it’s its own entity.

In a similar vein, Armitage answers the question, “What comes to mind when you see Lee?

Richard wasn't looking for anything new, either, but once he and Lee get together, things start looking up for both of them.

That is, until Lee's ex-boyfriend, Luke (Evans) and his new flame Orlando (Bloom) come into town and start mucking things up.

” with “That I’m a very lucky man.” Less obvious, yet more tantalizing for the possibilities it brings are the clothes sharing series.

Whether they have worn the exact same coat or bought it at a two for one special, it’s hailed as a sure sign both men are more than just BFFs 4eva.