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My initial purpose for this page was to give credence to my wood working experience and there was a natural overlap into other areas.

I personally don't consider myself an expert at anything simply because I have never found one particular area to hold my interest and devotion but for a certain length of time, whereas many are able to find their own particular profession, hobby and passion to become a Master at it.

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The Gibson Guitar Corporation manufactures both acoustic and electrical instruments, including banjos.

Gibson has made many different styles of banjos, and bluegrass musicians prize Gibson's Mastertone banjos for their rich sound.

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This page will take you down memory lane with pictures and narrative type comments, weaving together bits and pieces of information as it relates to some of my early research and development of GIBSON MASTERTONE PRE-WAR BANJOS, a more or less autobiography leading up to the present time.However, I have never been afraid to try a new challenge and task and do think outside the box which many times is considered unorthodox.I like the statement that Anthony Hopkins used in the movie "The Edge", "What one man can do, another can do." that have helped and inspired me and in no way all inclusive in this section and other pages throughout this website.Feel like those black men gay movie and young boy free porn 1156.Plus sites like omegle where you video chat and service to with church.