Online dating and flaking

Why is it when you are talking to a guy/hanging out/etc that he is very much into you and persisting to get together constantly but the second the girls shows interest (not in a needy clingy way) guys flake out and dissapear? Yes, and young kittens with sharp claws don't think they are clingy, either. Also tell them to use Head & Shoulders before the second date.

If this keeps happening, and men keep telling you that you're clingy, I would conclude that indeed, you are clingy. UPDATE: Stay away from sports professionals or sports geeks.

The type of guy who’d want to meet a lot of women cheaply tends to be more interested in sampling the goods than settling down.

Generally speaking, sites like, where people pay to meet the opposite sex, have a different culture.

There, men seem more interested in finding a significant other and bouncing off the site ASAP.

If the site is free, like OKCupid or Tinder, then it seems the guys don’t have as much motivation to seal the deal.

They’re dying on us.” So just how many legitimate reasons are there for pulling a No Show, or a No Show with a call 10 minutes before a date? How many times after a fantastic first date with the promise of a second or even a third are we left wondering why he didn’t call or worse why he never shows his face?

It hurt, leaving her feeling raw and wanting to withdraw from socializing altogether. They played it for comedy as she says: “No wonder there are no men in New York. You – or your date – may show briefly and exit quickly. In the case of the single mom, the expense of a babysitter? For adults, I like to think pulling a No Show doesn’t occur as routinely as it does with teenagers and those in their early twenties, though my own post-divorce dating dramas indicate that plenty of men using online dating will flake without a second thought. I don’t remember being stood up as a teenage girl, but I remember it at 21 or 22 – and I remember it again when I was dating after divorce in my forties.

I never understood “what I did wrong” and of course I assumed (at first) that it had to be my fault in some way.

He messaged me first and suggested we talk on the phone, which we’ve done twice in the past week. He told me how attractive he thought I was in my pictures and asked me to meet for dinner at a cool place downtown. This has happened to me THREE times in the past month. It sucks to put energy into getting to know someone. Some small tweaks could mean the difference between “Sorry, I gotta cancel” and “Hey Gorgeous!

I met “Eric” online two weeks ago and he seemed interested in me. I just texted him asking if our date was still happening and he replied, “Sorry, I gotta cancel.” He didn’t suggest an alternate time to meet up—which is annoying in it’s own right—but I’m more annoyed that I had to text him to find out he was going to flake. It sucks to put yourself out there with your picture and come up with a few cute sentences about your interests. While it’s irritating you’ve been getting the blow off, use this as an opportunity to change your approach.

Sometimes you will meet a girl, talk to her and exchange numbers.

You think since the conversation went so well, you will be seeing her again real soon.