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/ Books / Map Anvil Manor A Splendid Little Vineyard Charoks Great Hall Huntsmans Lodge Kumiko Manor More Skingrad The Imperial Museum The Weather Wizard Ultimate House Your Imperial City House : Ariana Trudeaux : Creature Companions : Elven Mages Companion : Nightmare . version: v.1.2.0416 UKThe Elder Scrolls IV Version 1.2.0416--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please Note: You will need to uninstall and reinstall Oblivion if you installed any of the Shivering Isles beta patches.Its name will appear at the top center of the screen.An item targeted in the console is also called a reference.Under the tab 'Display' will be the information about your video card, in the Device box.You can also download a tiny program for free which will analyze your computer.It is essential to know what your hardware is before you can use this page.On Windows systems, the easiest way to identify your video hardware is to run Dx Diag, which is short for Direct X diagnostic.

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We also recommend that you prepare your hard drive for installation by running Scan Disk and Disk Defragmenter prior to installation.

These utilities are part of Windows and can identify and resolve problems with your disk drive which could hinder installation and/or playing of the game. When Scandisk has completed, follow steps 1-3 and click "Defragment Now" to launch Disk Defragmenter.

Saved Games Your saved games are located in your My Documents My Games Oblivion directory.

Prior to Installing the Game Before attempting to install Oblivion, please verify that your computer meets system requirements.