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Since I wanted to be an airline pilot, and this wasn't possible at the airline level, I contacted the local airport and left a... Well, call it a baby step, call indulging myself at the same time; kind of having my pie and...

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I recently noticed that signs for the new AT&T Gigapower service had popped up in a subdivision near where I live.

Simply put, Giga Power is the brand name for AT&T’s new gigabit fiber Internet service. In this area, 100 Mbps is tops for residential service and around 200 Mbps is tops for reasonably affordable commercial service (you can currently pay big bucks for fiber service in our area, but that is usually not something most want to pay for).

HAIRDRESSER I am a hairdresser and thought that you may be interested to hear what I got up to a few years back. He has wanted me to be a hotwife (girlfriend actually) for a long time. Last night I did something I hardly ever do and I met up with someone from the internet.

As much as I love being a hairdresser, meeting people all day long and having a chin wag, it can get a bit tiring on the legs and back. EP user Dennis Rock convinced me to meet him in some woods in my village.