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The Hampshire Dogging scene is probably stronger now than ever before, its just like this couple have found out you just have to be a little more savvy the locations you head out to and finding current Hampshire dogging sites is no longer about heading to quite car parks its a little bit more involved What can I say we’ve always preferred our sex life to be a little bit risky and in the past even before UK dogging started we would often head out to public places and have sex, although back then it was...I like to try everything at least once, so when my friend Kathy told me she was into bondage I couldn’t help getting interested.By comparing the anatomy, physiology and genetics of self-recognising primates with animals such as gibbons and monkeys, researchers may uncover the basis for such cognitive capacities.Previous work had suggested that gibbons don’t recognise their own mug, but those studies examined only a handful of animals of just one species of gibbon, Suddendorf says.Dear Mike and Nicole, My husband and I have been married for a little over 6 years and moved to Boise last year from Montana.We moved for my husbands job and I wasn't planning to work, but got bored and started looking...Thousands of exciting new members and profiles signing up every day. Over 1,500 events and parties scheduled nearly every weekend!

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My hubby likes to share me, and I love to be shared!Ok let me say I’m shit at writing and started this blog a few weeks ago with the intention of posting details of my bi male meets.I’ve been bisexual for sometime but never done anything about manly because I was married which stopped me meeting guys and to be honest my lack of confidence and really not knowing where to head towards to meet guys One thing I knew for a FACT heading out to some guy bar was way out of the question, maybe a gay a cinema but there was none local and trying the local...While primatologists may bicker over the significance of such observations, the lack of self-recognition in gibbons and other lesser apes indicates that this mental capacity emerged 14 to 18 million years ago when their evolutionary lineage split from great apes.“We can reason about the mind of an ancestor without even laying eyes on the fossil,” says Thomas Suddendorf, a psychologist at the University of Queensland, Australia, who led the study.