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A French overseas territory in the southwest Pacific Ocean consisting of the island of New Caledonia and several smaller islands.

The island of New Caledonia was sighted and named by Capt.

Schools in New Caledonia were closed for a public holiday on Monday and would stay shut on Tuesday.

Domestic flights in New Caledonia and further north in Vanuatu have been canceled.

Clans are led by clan chiefs and constitute 341 tribes, each headed by a tribal chief.

Drymen is perhaps best know today for its location as the entry point to the SE corner of Loch Lomond.

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New Caledonians however, couldn’t finish off a direct penalty kick in the 90th minute, leaving the scores leveled at 1-1 at fulltime.The second half of the game grew more physical with Papua New Guineans trying to defend their one-point lead while the New Caledonians were forcing their way through, trying to find the net.With more physical encounter, PNG goal scorer Tommy Semmy was sent off with a red card from two professional fouls. (Placename) an island in the SW Pacific, east of Australia: forms, with its dependencies, a French Overseas Country; discovered by Captain Cook in 1774; rich mineral resources. , Kalēdōnes) or the Caledonian Confederacy were a group of indigenous peoples of what is now Scotland during the Iron Age and Roman eras.