Nasty woman chat

Children can often say strange and even uncomfortable things without even realizing it.

Most of the time, these comments are easy to brush off - but for one woman, an offhand insult from the mouth of a child motivated her to lose more than 80 pounds in under a year.

It was there that a child unknowingly referred to Pullen as a 'hippopotamus'. After returning home from the pool, Pullen says she hid in her room and cried - she was too devastated to even speak to her family. The very next day, she signed up for a 12-week program through Body

In addition to finding a regimen she could stick to, Pullen found the community of support she needed to follow through on her decision to get fit.

That's part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. In fact, there were many telling Twitter responses and GIFs that we can't or won't include here.

My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald's, assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it. And there was instant Internet art that bore hints of the thoughts and personal action that Trump’s “nasty woman” comment inspired.

Less than an hour after telling American voters that no one has more respect for women than he does, Trump let loose a dig that seemed to suggest otherwise.Pullen told Today that the hardest part of the program was posting her 'before' picture to the online community.She says the second she uploaded the picture to Body, she had a 'nervous breakdown.'Fortunately, others in the community helped uplift and inspire Pullen to continue on her weight-loss journey.The first problem is that I have no idea what, exactly, a nasty woman looks like.Nothing on the group’s Facebook page indicated what they will be wearing today or how many of them there will be. As I approach cautiously I realize that there are around a dozen more of them blocking the lane that leads from Shake Shack to the Fifth Avenue side of the park. A bearded guy in glasses who describes himself as an "ally" asks someone to hand me a print copy of the . Somehow in reading through the online version I had missed their parody of "Santa Baby," almost certainly the first ballad ever written in which the narrator expresses her desire to receive gynecological treatment sexual pleasure from the popular children’s character: Santa baby, slip an IUD up in me (and me!