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The Spanish conquistadors quickly expanded their search for hidden treasures; the native peoples were enslaved and forced into hard labor, and the subsequent harsh treatment, malnutrition and European-introduced diseases decimated 90% of the indigenous population.The Spanish found massive silver deposits in Mexico; mines were built, and the treasure was sent back to Spain.While industrial Nuevo León and the orange belt enjoy economic wealth, the southern part of the state (including the municipalities of Galeana, Arramberri, Zaragoza, Doctor Arroyo and Mier y Noriega) remains poor largely due to climatic and geographic conditions that make the area unsuitable for agriculture and livestock.

When it comes to relationships, Mexican women are very tender and sentimental.

Early History Anthropological and archeological evidence suggests that early nomad hunters and gatherers arrived in the area now known as Nuevo Leon as early as 8900 B. The state’s primary source of pre-Hispanic relics near Mina has yielded over 1,000 engraved stones dating from 1350 to 650 B. Evidence suggests that as many as 250 indigenous tribes may have dwelled near Monterrey, Cadereyta and Cerralvo, including the Amapoalas, Gualiches and Gualeguas.

When the Spaniards arrived in the early 16th century, Nuevo León was devoid of large settlements.

In the early 1600s, Spanish Governor Diego de Montemayor led a new colonization effort in the area.

Archaeological discoveries indicate that the earliest signs of human life in Mexico date back over 20,000 years, with evidence of permanent settlements along the coastal areas dating to 1500 BC.