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Without action, it is only a matter of time before these traditional skills, which go back millennia, will become extinct in Britain; which is unthinkable for a country with such a strong maritime history.

It therefore made sense to explore the craft of wooden boat building with one of the few British boatbuilding schools devoted to teaching traditional and modern wooden boat-building skills: the Boat Building Academy.

A revival commenced in the 1970s, by those with a reverence and appreciation for maritime heritage, tradition and aesthetics, and traditional wooden boat building has at last found a home in the modern world.

Wooden boats, such as skiffs, clinker dinghies, pilot cutters, yawls and launches, many gloriously on show during the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, are still being built today by committed craftsmen on behalf of the growing number of owners who are looking for their vessels to incorporate beauty, strength, longevity and a connection to our maritime heritage.

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A training ship is a ship used to train students as sailors.

The term is especially used for ships employed by navies to train future officers. prefix is used as the Sea Cadets is not part of the Royal Navy, and cannot be prefixed "HMS".

Essentially there are two types: those used for training at sea and old hulks used to house classrooms.

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In reading these volumes, I am surprised how partisan the accounts are. Stralsund - The "war zone" and neutrals - Shortage of trawlers - A year's work - Allied shipping situation March, 1917 - United States and the blockade - Call for more destroyers - Methods of patrol and disposition of squadron, April, 1917 - Losses in the squadron - Success of escort work - Wireless communication in the squadron - Experiences of armed guards - Action with raider British submarines in northern waters - The sinking of the Hilary - The Avenger and Otway sunk - Dearth of destroyers - Reduction of the squadron - The Hildebrand attacked - Loss of the Artois and Champagne - Break-up of the squadron - Vessels intercepted during 1917 pp.

The Germans are still the Hun, but then the U-boat war totally changed the rules of "civilized" mercantile warfare that had reigned for centuries. 183-211A war-time innovation - Range-finding at sea - Principles of First experiment - Admiralty staff at Burlington House - Costs - Early stages - Differing opinions - Admiralty Committee on - Trials in Grand Fleet - Reports of British submarines - Enemy opinions - Statistical evidence - Allies adopt - Still experimental at end of war pp.

Boats, until the middle of the Twentieth Century, had largely meant wooden boats.

However rapid advances in technology meant the look of marinas changed, with plastic and fibreglass boats dominating the scene, and wooden boat appreciation and production declining greatly throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s.