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The series also starred Gilbert's brother, Jonathan Gilbert (as Willie Oleson), who was also adopted; Michael Landon (as Charlie Ingalls); Karen Grassle (as Caroline Ingalls); and Melissa Sue Anderson (as Mary Ingalls).After Gilbert's father, Paul Gilbert, passed away in February 1975, Michael Landon became an important mentor and friend to the actress.When Anderson was 7, the family relocated to Southern California.

She should also appear in two 2013 movies, You Are Here and In Lieu of Flowers.Check out also measurements of Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Kat Dennings, and Kate Upton.Melissa was born June 23, 1980 in Marlboro Township, New, 55, were even dating, it was extremely apparent to onlookers at Mr. After the romantic meal, the couple exited the eatery and "put their arms around each other waiting on the valet," the observer continues. PHOTOS: Celebrity engagements of 2012 "They were arm-in-arm the whole time," the witness says of the affectionate pair, who are both twice-divorced.