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The incident took place at the Trevi Fountain, in the Italian capital city of Rome.The video shows the man swimming in the fountain while stunned tourists film him.He used the gaming console's message feature and asked them to send naked photos and engage in sex acts.Wolchesky acted as his own attorney and argued that he had the boys' consent.

As per usual with my dating life, the timing of our tryst wasn’t ideal – I was heading off on holiday for two weeks shortly after.His belongings and documents were found by the edge of the fountain and are being investigated by the authorities.It is illegal to jump into the Trevi Fountain, throw rubbish in the water or fish out coins.A convicted pedophile who used the messaging service on his Xbox to solicit nude photos from four boys in three states is heading to prison.Prosecutors in Monmouth County, New Jersey, say Gary Wolchesky received a 46-year sentence Friday.