Low esteem dating self sabotage

These thoughts, and various others, have been circling slowly through my mind recently.The subject of self-destructive behaviour is a very daunting topic, something dark that lurks in the corners of existence which we usually train ourselves to overlook. Look at all the smokers outside of office buildings, or the endless stream of failed relationship stories illustrating the covers of magazines.I’m not the first, but I certainly won’t be the last person to admit that I’ve been (and in some ways still am) a self-destructive person.From pushing away people I love and housing self-defeating mindsets, to repeatedly self-harming in my teenage years … As I’ve grown, however, I’ve realized that self-destructive behaviors are expressions from our Shadow Selves, springing from low self-esteem and even self-hatred.A helpful owl came to their rescue, first telling the rat to clamp its teeth onto its talons as the owl flew to safety and then returning for the shrew, who received similar instructions. Promise me you'll keep your mouth closed around my legs and on no account open it, or you'll fall to your fate! " said the mouse, who proceeded to clamp his mouth onto his feathered rescuer's landing gear. The owl was about to land on some high ground, but the mouse decided he wanted to alight some other place to get dry."Not there..." shouted the mouse, but those were the last words he ever spoke as he fell into the swirling waters below.Finally, as the tides rose ever higher, the owl came back for our talkative mouse."You are rescued and will live! We can all laugh at such a silly tale because we never behave in such self-destructive ways, do we?Of course we do - although perhaps not as obviously - but why?

When you initially learn something the pathway or connection is weak.

Increasing your self-esteem is a process, not something you develop overnight.

You can think of it like a muscle that requires regular exercise to be strengthened and maintained. Your brain is composed of approximately one hundred billion nerve cells, called neurons.

This can be done by talking to the subconscious, literally saying “” and emphasizing that what you are saying is important.

Once this is done, you have to let go and not think about what you have just programmed your subconscious to do.