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Whether it is long distance relationships, love relationships, or even dating relationships it requires to be handled carefully and nurtured with love and affection.

One of the biggest challenges of modern day love relationships between couples is striking a perfect balance between work-love-life.

And the only solution is a conscious decision to promise to maintain the right balance.

So here are some simple tips and relationship advice to help you keep the fire of togetherness and romance warm and alive forever.

On the flip side of the coin, many Italian men are as faithful as faithful can be.

Again, like Casanova, they tend to give their all when with a woman.

No matter how tough he seems on the outside, many Italian sons will go to their mothers for advice on everything and may rely on their moms for things that you might expect a grown man to take care of himself.

Initial contact on a web forum may well spark interest but if your heart is truly seeking a long-lasting, meaningful relationship, our dating advice can really help to bring that romantic dream to fruition.

Most couples are searching for the extraordinary; a relationship that has durability, longevity and never-ending passion.

If he’s close with his family and mother, you can rest assured knowing that he has an established support system and that he values having a lot of loving relationships in his life.

Assuming the family embraces you, you will have a lot of fun at family events and you will enjoy knowing that you and he will have a strong foundation if your relationship develops into marriage and children.