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On Valentine’s Day in Calcutta, coffee shops and cheap eateries close to a college in Howrah are splitting at the seams.

I am perhaps the only single in the restaurant and also the only person here who really wants to eat.

It turns out that college students are renting these rooms by the hour. I am astonished — shell-shocked — at my findings at the motel, but I will not be so six months later.

I was in Calcutta at the very beginning of my four-year research for my book, India in Love, and I had not yet realised the extent, the depth, or the velocity of India’s sexual revolution.

A chatbot is a program that simulates structured conversations with users over the messenger platform.

It is meant to educate, inform and motivate voters through regular updates.

I have been roaming the corridors of the campus interviewing students and am desperate for a cup of tea and a bowl of Maggi.

Infuriated, the man started sharing the link to Adhikary's profile, claiming that she was harassing him as he had refused to have sex with her."He shared my profile link with the message that I have been insisting on a sex chat with him, and since he refused, I am blackmailing him. Singh is in news for facing a kind of sexual harassment that almost all women with social media accounts encounter. On 6 June, Singh received a comment on a picture she uploaded on her Facebook page. Else, get off my page."In any case, Singh's "hitting back" was limited to a Facebook response.However, unlike most of us, she decided to hit back at the abuser. One MD Mustakim Saifi wrote, "Nice looking & nice boobs'. She didn't go to the police, or try to bring her harasser to justice.“Common excuses people use to avoid voting are that they neither know who the candidates are, nor where the polling booths are located nor whether they are registered in a particular ward.The chatbot will give people all the information they need,” said Swaraj Shetty, chief innovation officer at OBD.