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On one level this documentary is like the "World Series" in US baseball --which pretty much excludes the rest of the world.That said, this is otherwise an excellent news piece about a deeply troubled, divided time in US Higher Education. For "Ivory Tower" is also about the larger crisis in US social mobility. The USA's higher education system is either being deeply restructured to favor an economic elite or America is witnessing the destruction of the older, GI-Bill, democratic model of the dynamic engine of college education & social mobility.Plus suggests an institutional crisis in teachers' failure to deal with this problem in conjunction with their students -- since they together are the front line soldiers in this struggle. It honestly exposes a problem that will not go away because of solutions proposed by the US government (local or national) or by the utopianism of digital technology. Yet in "Ivory Tower" are the key fissures even identified? And you can't tell if the troubled figure is waving or drowning.The solution is somehow with The People -- as the Cooper Union segment ironically shows. What & where are the tools needed to fix US higher education? Do Americans themselves fundamentally believe in intellectual education or practical training?It’s a dating app so elitist that Lee Kuan Yew would have gladly endorsed it for his eugenic utopia. To be fair, the high-roller market is exactly where the money is, and it’s smart of them to leverage on the segment of the population who’ll never settle for anything less than business-class.In a marketing tactic so boldly pompous, Ivory (yeap, as in Ivory Tower) wants high-achievers to get together via their app, because you know, “the better deserve YOU”. If you’re an elite in Singapore who’ve somehow failed to get a partner (then you shouldn’t be considered high-achieving any more, no?

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On retrouve au sein de l'équipe de développement des personnes ayant travaillé auparavant chez Eden Games sur des jeux des séries Need for Speed, Test Drive Unlimited et V-Rally.

Why is there such a profound lack of agreed-upon national levels for skills and knowledge?

Why in effect are so many "nonprofit" universities dysfunctional, profit-making corporations?

Leur premier jeu, The Crew, est sorti en décembre 2014 sur Play Station 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 et Windows.

En octobre 2015, le studio est racheté par l'éditeur français Ubisoft, à la suite du succès de The Crew qui s'est vendu à plus de 3 millions d'exemplaires.