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Eh, I call BS on #3 (the "demure" part - everyone's attracted to charming, intelligent people - that's not news), just because my own experience has proven to me that it's not true. I don't really have much experience, but I can say #6 and #10 might be a problem, the rest are no problem at all.

The rest have a ring of truth to them for a lot of Taiwanese men, generally speaking. In fact, they are pretty descriptive of my husband (who as you know is not Taiwanese! And he's really just an amazing partner, a far better fit for me than a stereotypical 'go after what you want, nothing means anything until we agree it does' Western guy.

Whether they grow up on a farm, in the city, poor or rich, they just have an air of sophistication about them. And he wanted to hang with the locals, not some American on an Education Abroad Program.

I went to Ireland to hang out with the Irish, not some German guy!

If anything we balance each other out well.#6 would be an issue depending on the advice.

If it was a light suggestion, like "have you tried dried pipa and candied ginger for that sore throat? If it's "you MUST use your fan more and AC less to bring down electricity bills, and you'd really better drink warm liquids when you're having your period because my mom says cold liquids stop up the blood circulation, so you should do that..aren't you doing that?

Effective May 23, 2008, registration of a marriage at the Household Registration Bureau Office (HHR) constitutes a performed marriage.

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However, the HHR office can also issue a "Marriage Certificate" in both Chinese and English for a fee of NT0, if requested.New: Did you know scammers often use pictures of Russian celebrities?We have recently added a list of pictures of Russian celebrities most often used by scammers. At some point she tells you you are the love of her life, and she is dying to meet you in person. So, could you please send her some cash to help her pay for the tickets/visa/passport? Because he feels like he has known this woman forever when in fact he has not.If it's "do I want to look to them for opinions and advice because I agree with their values? Of course if I didn't fit the bill of such a man, then that means it won't work out. If it's "I won't marry any woman my parents haven't approved", then again we're gonna have a problem. Yes, because family is not important to other guys everywhere else in the world.This one is the most accurate, and should read: Taiwanese guys, on average, are more connected to their mommies apron strings, and they will often consider the wishes of their parents when choosing a To be fair, some men do like "loud" women.