Incrementally updating transportable tablespaces using rman

You can offload all backups of database files, including control file backups, to a , then RMAN determines the destination device, locations for backup output, and a backup tag automatically based on your configured environment and built-in RMAN defaults.

incrementally updating transportable tablespaces using rman-73incrementally updating transportable tablespaces using rman-45

The main difference with this procedure is that the initial copy of the datafiles occurs while the source database remains online.

This is XTTS along with cross platform incremental backups.

The steps involved with traditional XTTS are as follows: The problem is that the source datafiles must be made read only before the copy to the target system.

Logical replication offers less downtime, but Golden Gate is a separately licensed product that comes with a hefty price tag.

As of there is an additional method, which is based on traditional XTTS.