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Play Hard to Get Make Him Want You Cut Him Loose Community Q&A Playing a player isn't easy.

If the guy is a true player, then he's an expert at fooling girls and breaking hearts and has been doing it for years.

You keep saying you want a nice, emotionally understanding guy and yet somehow, you always end up in the arms of a player.

You tell yourself you’re looking for someone good for you and yet, you always seem to choose someone who’s all wrong for you. Getting played by a supposed Prince Charming is almost a rite of passage.

This means that a player will not change his behavior because of your unhappiness or because of your complaints to him.

Of course, he will be very good at deceiving you and making you think that he is responding to your needs, but again, he will not truly change until his inner desires have changed.

How can you know when a man who is inherently a “player” or who is more into girls for fun and not for anything serious has changed?

You may think they’ve changed, but you can never be too sure with people of that nature. I know that this question is very common, as a player is very good at stringing women along with vague promises of changing his behavior.

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We hook up every time we see each other, but it always stops at a certain point (I end it).the other day, he said "whew I've been dying to tell you that (about open relatiosnip) now I think id be seeing you for longer" and I am gonna make it clear- I'm fine with that. when we were talking about the relationship thing, he said he's started being hard hearted ever since his last few girlfriends dumped him, and that's how all players start.he also said he likes keeping around girls he chased. when I told him I was really open about my feelings, he said I shouldnt be, because some guys like to be curious.First, an important principle: The only way a man will change his behavior is if he WANTS to change his behavior In other words, a man will not truly change his behavior until his innermost desires have changed.His behavior will then change to satisfy those new inner desires.