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HARRISBURG -Agents from the Attorney General’s Child Predator Unit have arrested two Pittsburgh area men accused of using Internet chat rooms to sexually proposition what they believed were 13-year-old girls.

The girls were actually undercover agents from the Child Predator Unit.

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Corbett said that agents executed a search warrant, seizing a computer tower and Web cam, which will be analyzed by the Attorney General’s Computer Forensics Unit as part of the continuing investigation.Both interviewees Julie and Drew were asked whether they thought hoverboards were sexy.A self-described uncoordinated person Julie said she's ridden a hoverboard or a "slightly upgraded skateboard" as she called it, but hasn’t had sex on one."There is literally nothing sexy about a hoverboard, said Julie."They're about as sexy as a boomerang." Drew also doubted the board's sex appeal only slightly considering it being attractive if someone's trying to flex with how much they spent on it. They're like the Ed Hardy of shit you can put beneath your feet," said Drew.