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But behind the scenes, it’s even juicier — a backstage world filled with power struggles, diva fits, and steamy affairs. A Novel of Fiction by Star Jones, television personality, lawyer and journalist. With more than 85 million albums sold worldwide, 95 platinum records, and sold-out concerts in over 100 countries, Ricky Martin is truly an international icon.The project will draw on his Vegas residence to illustrate his broader, fascinating, and inspiring journey from every pivotal era in his career to the most defining roles of his life. CO: 51 Minds BALLER WIVES (working title) August 2017 From the sidelines to the social frontlines, this is the world where relationships are complicated and the competition is thick. COUNT: 6 ‘90s HOUSE August 16, 2017 What happens when a super connected cast has to unplug and live in the most rad decade ever?Megan "Meg" Griffin (voiced by Lacey Chabert in season 1, Mila Kunis from season 2-present) is the Griffins' 18-year-old child and only daughter.She is a self-conscious, somewhat unattractive teenage girl with severely low self-esteem, being portrayed as generally soft and non-rebellious.

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In this reality fright fest, ten famous people will move in, but only one will make it out alive.

“The 90s resurgence is such a big and resonant force that is still going on in culture, we wanted to run into it and a take a group of Millennials that have the love of the 90s and the nostalgia and bring them back into the 90s so they have the music, the TV, the sound and the product the 90s but also the technology of the 90s — 90s cell phones, dial-up — seeing what that culture clash looks like.” The Ricky Martin project (title TBD), a behind the scenes look at the singer and his crew’s preparations for his Las Vegas residency, is set to premiere in June.

a reality fright fest where 10 celebrities move into a haunted house but only one makes it out alive, will air in the October Halloween frame.

“From ‘Martha & Snoop’ to ‘Hip Hop Squares,’ VH1 is where pop culture comes to party.” VH1 is poised to keep the party going with the following new series: “Daytime Divas” starring Vanessa Williams on June 5th; Ricky Martin project (title TBD), a revealing, never before seen account of one of the most private and guarded global superstars of our time; “Baller Wives” (working title), Miami power couples navigating love, family, business and balling in the hottest city around; “90’s House,” a nostalgic take on reality hosted by Lance Bass and “Scared Famous,” a reality fright fest where ten celebrities move into a haunted house but only one makes it out alive.

Among the returning hits are: “Basketball Wives,” “T. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” “Shaunie’s Home Court,” “ANTM” with Tyra Banks back to host and second season picks ups of “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party” and “Hip Hop Squares” executive produced by Ice Cube.