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I figured, if we did end up together, we could raise our kids with both options, and when they were old enough they could make their own decisions about the phone they most identified with.But in the weeks that followed, it became more of an issue than I expected.

As you decorate the room, enter the space and think: Does this room make me feel relaxed, welcome and romantic? On the practical side, the layout of your bedroom, the placement and size of the bed, and the colors in the room can all affect your love life and relationship, as well as your health.At first, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.Sure, green texts are heinous, but I was willing to make that sacrifice.We believe that the Scriptures have essential and relevant things to say about romantic relationships.Whether you are single and considering a future romantic relationship, in the process of dating, preparing for your upcoming wedding, or counseling couples, this conference will give you practical biblical guidance.