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The procedure is used for the investigation of the low order resonant vibration modes of four cylinders of various sizes and materials with shear-diaphragm end conditions with good results.

The improved procedure allows simultaneous determination of all vibration amplitude components.

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The amended characteristic function formula was used to calculate the radial and tangential components of a vibrating cylinder by first determining the radial component and from this the tangential component of vibration. © 1978 Optical Society of America Full Article | PDF Article You do not have subscription access to this journal.So a little backstory to this, for awhile I've been coming up with ideas for additional tech levels, as I found 5 to be to little to work with.With the 6 seasons, 2 movies, 1 mini series, and tons of books on the Clone Wars all being drawn on for units and inspiration. 52 (3), 315 (1977)] the theory of time-averaged holographic interferometry was extended to include simple harmonic motion in three orthogonal directions at a single frequency. It lends itself easily to the study of coupled-mode vibration problems and in fact many complex resonance phenomena. The procedure is quite general in its application and not restricted to the study of cylinders.