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For the first part of the tour visitors basically just stand in front of various large tanks inside the storehouse (built in 1881) while the guide explains the sake-making process in detail.After that comes a tour of the grounds, including the site of one of Japan's earliest beer breweries, Nippon Beer, which started in 1887.Both beer and sake can be sampled in the onsite restaurants and can be purchased in the retail shop (Sake Cellar; 042-530-5792).Other highlights on the grounds include the brewery gate (dating back to 1772), a pair of 400-year-old sacred zelkova trees, and the 150m-deep well that's the source for the medium-hard water used in the sake here.The prefecture is part of the world's most populous metropolitan area with upwards of 37.8 million people and the world's largest urban agglomeration economy.

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If you're in Tokyo and you feel the urge to take an English-language tour of a real-life sake brewery, Ishikawa Brewery in Fussa is the place to go.

Their Japanese restaurant was exceptionally good and reasonably priced. Two restaurants on the grounds; one Japanese and one Italian.

I would have preferred to visit in the winter when they actually brew the sake but considering when I was there, it was ok. You will need to call ahead for reservations if you want to eat at the Italian Restaurant since it is quit popular.

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