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So if you're natural or thinking about going natural, join us! SABATTA are touring Europe from early Spring 2017 onwards: 17 Feb - ITALY, Livorno - La Deriva Music Club 18 Feb - ITALY, Florence - Auditorium Flog 30 Apr - UK, London - The Windmill 23 Jun - UK, Glastonbury Festival More dates to come Check out the Sabatta 2017 90 Sec 'Trailer' here: https:// (You Tube) Kicking off 2016 with something to heat up the winter. Love the group..fact I just got a tat of your logo..funny thing is that I had no idea that the symbol I chose was the logo of the group.. Anything goes, as long as it doesn't involve lye or no-lye lol. UK Rock Trio Sabatta 2017 Tour hits Black History Month Florence, Italy in Feb and Glastonbury confirmed!Develop a Cool Personality Develop Your Interests Make a Good Impression Community Q&A It's not easy to be a really cool guy.To be cool, you have to be an individual, not care what people think, and treat others with kindness and respect without seeming too eager.With so many options -- from speakeasies, to rooftops, to dives, to the classics -- figuring out which of NYC's 2,000 bars are worth going to can be seriously overwhelming, whether you're from here or not.

The gallery above details 50 of our finest bars, listed in no particular order and for different reasons: some are included because the cocktails are flawless, like Milk & Honey, some have earned their spot for an iconic serve, like the Duke’s martini, and others are in because they’re simply damned good fun to be in, like The Piano Works.New Song 'I Wanna' by #SABATTA Not as fuzzy as usual (check Go And Be Damned for the super fuzz) but this is... A trippy, animated adventure dedicated to the better half of the planet! Prince was an early adopter, it turns out, and the tech journalist and entrepreneur Anil Dash has been following him online from the very beginning.I knew Anil would have a lot of insight to offer about Prince’s online life; what I didn’t expect, and was delighted to learn, is that he’s even traded a few AIM chats with the man himself. You’ve developed this real love of Prince that is so palpable, and I think of you almost as a historian of Prince’s relationship to technology and to his fans.