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Lo Kin-hei, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, which printed the rolls, said the product were due to be sold at a market during Chinese New Year's later this month.

The seizure comes after major protests in Hong Kong calling for increased democracy in the territory.

Last year the party printed 4,000 rolls of the toilet paper, all of which sold out, he added.

This year the merchandise were ordered from a factory in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

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The storm is currently estimated to be creating waves as high as about 15 meters (50 feet) as it passes through the Luzon Strait which separates Taiwan and the Philippines.

Orders were placed under the name of friends to obscure the party as the true buyer.

Mr Lo said he was worried about what might happened to the owner of the factory who printed the rolls, and that the papers’ seizure had worrying implications for free speech in Hong Kong.“Many productions in Hong Kong rely on the mainland.

But he went on to explain his fascination for his favourite hero: “Everyone, even superheroes, they have their limitations and I think we don’t want to make a superhero someone who is totally powerful, and can do anything.

John Tsang open to naming street or place after Bruce Lee, if elected as Hong Kong’s chief executive “So a superhero with limitations is realistic, and I think this is something – [the surfer has] a lot of good human characteristics that are important for any leader in Hong Kong.” He revealed that he was a comics collector as well: “I still own the first edition of Silver Surfer.” Sixty-five-year-old Tsang, a keen fencer and martial arts enthusiast, was also philosophical about being confronted in the past by radical lawmakers with physically threatening behaviour in the Legislative Council.