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Sometimes, she said, she wears a silver spike through the septum of her nose.

Her husband does her better — a big ring in the septum, a labret on either side of the lower lip, a ring in his right nipple, and the upper part of his body covered in tattoos.

The stars came out of their booths and had pictures taken with their fans — the men’s faces quite solemn, as if they were about to be handed a certificate for good citizenship. The girls rolled the posters into tight cylinders and then slid a rubber band up their length between thumb and forefinger — “like they’re putting a condom on a guy,” as someone in line pointed out.

I paid a visit to the booth of AVN (Adult Video News, the industry magazine that was sponsoring the 1997 porn-awards gala that would take place that evening), where I was introduced to a young woman who reviews porn movies for the publication (her nom de plume is Lily White).

I've seen a couple on (trustworthy) sex toy websites under the "sexual health" section, and they seem to be considered a good idea by users. And finally, should I invest in a specialised anal lubricant, or stick to my usual? Anal douche is more commonly referred to as an enema.

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Mel Brooks was once on Michael Parkinson’s chat show sometime in the early 1980s where he described the opening scenes to his proposed next movie.

Enemas are solutions that are injected into the lower bowel to induce defecation through one means or another.

There are many different kinds of enemas, those including things such as milk and molasses, fleet, cone, etc.