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If sex and sensuality is a beautiful part of life that is enjoyed by both men and women, art that depicts the beauty of sexuality is not necessarily demeaning to women.With the use of quality erotic pictures, stories and text on this erotica webpage (which was created by a woman and a man) we hope to stimulate both sexes (who respond differently to sexual images).He became an assistant director working with directors like Federico Fellini and Dino Risi. By the 1970s, he switched careers to become an illustrator for the incredibly popular sex and horror .Taglietti signed up with Edifumetto, where he worked at designing and painting covers.You cannot click on any of the images and make them larger; however, if you really NEED to see larger images, e-mail a request and larger images will be sent.The site has been designed (we hope) so that it is viewable from any browser format.

In our opinion, pornography is always sexually explicit.

These are some ideas we plan on writing into a short philosophical essay on Erotic Art Vs. Further, because of the huge industry in Pornography, women (many feminists) have tended to rebel against the idea that a women should be defined by how they look.

We are more inclined to believe that both the body and the mind are beautiful, thus there is nothing wrong with cultivating both to increase the pleasure and joy of life.

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